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When you change nothing, nothing changes. When you change your mind—everything changes.

Join Becky to take control of your destiny and invest in your success. Secure your spot in one of our virtual group classes today.

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Professional Development Classes Online

Uncertain times call for certainty: with confidence in ourselves, our voices, and our abilities, we can clarify what we want and reach out to grab it. Now more than ever, both in our personal and professional lives, it’s important to understand our personal strengths, focusing not on our weaknesses but our innate talents. Now is the time to stop surviving and start thriving—and you’re not alone in your journey.

By joining a virtual group session with Becky, you’re making an important investment in yourself. Learn how to focus on what YOU want, what YOU are good at, and what YOU enjoy and achieve success through the power of self-leadership…

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“There will never be a time when your life is not this moment.”
-Deepak Chopra

  • Be clear about your goals and expectations, and make important agreements with yourself about what you’re going to do.
  • Prepare to achieve your goal and ask for what you want and need in all your important relationships.
  • Have fun! Happy people are successful—but not all successful people are happy. Learn how to choose happy every day.
  • Celebrate all successes and cultivate a practice of recognizing everyone’s contributions.
  • Assess key learnings and apply them to your next steps in life to sustain long-term success with small, consistent steps and practices.
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CliftonStrengths Group Sessions

Imagine your strongest life—the one where you use your natural strengths to achieve goals that mean something to you. Often, we get confused by what others want for us, or by what we perceive is required of us without our choice or input. Gain confidence in who you are and learn how to listen to what is important to you in a CliftonStrengths Group Session.

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Successful Interview Prep Group Sessions

Interviewing can be one of the most intimidating processes that we go through in life—but it doesn’t have to be. If you feel like you’re constantly passed over for the job you want, struggle with nerves and expressing yourself authentically in interview situations, or want help acing your next interview, join one of Becky’s proven Successful Interview Prep sessions and Get. That. Job!

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Customized Team & Group Sessions

When teams understand each other’s strengths, communicate effectively, and appreciate and reward each other, amazing things can happen. Learn how to work together better in a customized group session and come ready to build culture, improve morale & retention, and rack up new wins to celebrate. Contact us to learn more about setting up a personalized course for a group within your company or organization.

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Online Group Class FAQs

Following registration and payment for your session on the website, you will receive a calendar meeting planner with the Zoom link to your specific online virtual group session. It’s free to set up a Zoom account!

We use Zoom video conferencing for easy interactive sessions. You can join a virtual course through most devices (laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.), including your cell phone. If you use your cell phone, you can download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app on your phone for free. 

The built-in camera on your device will be sufficient to join with video. The device’s internal microphone will also work, and a headset or earbud/microphone combo will reduce external noise. 

If you’re a first-time Zoom user, you may be prompted to download the free conferencing app, which will allow for full functionality of all features. However, there is no need to download software to access the virtual session if you don’t wish to do so. In most cases, you only need to click the link in the meeting planner and you should be in.

If you want to test in advance you can visit to ensure you’re ready to go.

Group sessions are designed to maximize learning for the group. Sessions are designed for 15-20 participants max. per session, depending on the topic. When that limit has been met, registration for that session will be closed.

There are no refunds for virtual group sessions paid for during registration. However, if you cannot attend a virtual group session you registered for, you can transfer your registration to another participant. You are responsible for finding your replacement and ensuring they have the information and details needed for them to participate fully.

In extenuating circumstances, you may contact us to share the details of your situation. 

Unapproved recording of sessions is not permitted. Participants must have express written permission from Becky June Consulting to make any audio/video recordings of any virtual sessions (whole or partial).

Sessions will not be recorded without express permission from all participants.

Information for all our sessions is included in the prep and/or follow-up materials you receive and is designed to capture core details. Participants are always encouraged to take notes.

We make every effort to stay on schedule and maintain our group sessions. It would be a rare situation that would cause us to cancel a session (it hasn’t happened yet). So, our goal is always to stay on course!

If you are interested in scheduling a virtual or in-person group session for your team or company, schedule a 30-minute consultation to discuss details, pricing, and availability.

Let’s Get Started

If you have more questions about our classes or need specific information for your group or team, please contact us to let us know how we can help. You’re welcome to schedule a 30-minute discovery session to explore your options!

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