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A Very Small Key Can Open a Very Big Door.

Unlock the full potential of your natural strengths to be stronger, happier, and get what you want with help from Becky June

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Who We Help with Strengths Coaching

From the first spark of self-discovery to the continuing journey of personal development, from your very first commitment to a goal to the mastery of a skill—at all points along our path, there are moments ripe for a breakthrough. But we can only succeed when we get clear about what we really want, embrace our innate strengths, and make a plan to achieve our goals.

Becky helps individuals, teams, and leaders succeed in happiness by helping them understand what their strengths are and how they use them to do what they need—and more importantly, want—to do.

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Individual Contributors

Are you feeling stuck in survival mode in your career or your personal life? For those who struggle to find a work/life balance, to feel confident in interviews, to settle on the best approach to a new challenge, or to feel fulfilled in their roles, 1:1 coaching with Becky can help. Learn how to hear and use your own voice, wield your innate strengths, and get what YOU want!

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Happy individuals make happy teams make happy workplaces. Now is the time to identify new ways to approach performance and productivity, explore opportunities for business culture shifts, and implement incentives for people who contribute to happiness and success within the organization. Learn how individual strengths combine to form a well-functioning team and work better together!

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You’re a leader—an accomplished person, an executive, someone who gets things done. But even the strongest leaders hit plateaus, face challenges outside their comfort zone, and need help developing their leadership skills and competencies. Whether you’re a first-time leader or a seasoned pro, you can push past obstacles, expand your impact and be a trusted team champion while celebrating successes with a fresh perspective.

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Life Coaching

Periods of transition, challenge, and feeling stuck can be overwhelming, but with a supportive coach at your side, you can overcome the obstacles that are holding you back from fulfillment. Whether you seek to improve key relationships in your life, build your confidence to succeed in your career, or need clarity about your strengths and what you want to do, life coaching could be perfect for you.

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Becky’s Strengths Coaching Approach

Becky’s approach to coaching individuals and teams on the path to their success always includes these basic steps. Depending on your unique needs, situation, and the scope of your goals, your plan may include other steps as well.

  • Discover your unique strengths, often with a CliftonStrengths assessment.
  • Clarify agreements you make with yourself about what is important to YOU.
  • Define what you want and what success will look like to YOU.
  • Decide what to do with a clear scope of effort, timeline, and new practices and habits.
  • Practice new behavior, protocols, or processes, while finding easy ways to include what Motivates YOU in your new routine.
  • Measure success against established performance indicators and Celebrate wins in ways that make YOU feel valued.
  • Assess long-term learnings or changes which will keep the cycle of innovation going!

Let’s Get Started

Want to know more about individual strengths coaching and development?Interested in learning more about how strengths coaching can benefit your team? Schedule a free discovery session and let’s talk about your goals!

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