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The Strongest Leaders are Those Who Continue to Grow

With Executive Coaching, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your strengths—and how to wield them more effectively to live and lead with intentionality.

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Strengths Coaching for Leaders

As a leader, you have risen to many occasions, faced many challenges, and proven your abilities as a competent, reliable, and innovative thinker. And no matter how talented, experienced, or tenured you are, it’s completely natural to have moments of self-doubt when facing new challenges or greater responsibility. Sometimes, you may even feel a sense of stagnation or disappointment when you attain a leadership position—there may be a nagging sense of “is this all there is?”

With a lifetime of experience supporting C-suite level and first-time leaders alike, Becky June is here to be your coach when stakes are high—especially when your credibility is on the line. Whether you’re preparing for an important public speaking engagement, transitioning into a leadership role, developing an organizational structure or process, or simply seeking new perspective on a major challenge, Becky is prepared to help.

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“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”
-Adéle Brasheer

Ways Becky Helps Leaders

Becky can help a diverse range of leaders think about details differently, so they are able to quickly acclimate and break through barriers to overcome obstacles that get them off their best game. Leadership strengths coaching can help you shift perspective about solutions to challenges. In your sessions, you’ll learn your uniquely effective ways to lead in any and every scenario so you can authentically create the impact and legacy you want at work, in relationships, and in life.

Focus areas for leaders include:

Individual Leadership Competencies

Effective Team Communication Processes

Support and Development

Be the Mentor Everyone Wants

Be the Mentor Everyone Wants

Coach for Success and Build Bench Strength

Expectations and Tactical Planning

Key Performance Indicators and Metrics Definition

Successfully Transition from Team Member to Team Leader

Happy Teams and Workplaces

Policy and Process Development

Organizational Design

Event Management 

Who Can Benefit from Leadership Strengths Coaching?

Even very confident people can feel out of their comfort zone in moments of high stress or unfamiliar situations. The pressure of expectations to perform—and look good doing it—can feel overwhelming, even for the most seasoned leaders. Becky has decades of experience helping leaders authentically build confidence, get their messages across effectively, and discover new, repeatable ways to approach unexpectedly uncomfortable scenarios across a wide spectrum of leadership roles.

  • Are you new to an executive role and adjusting to the pressure of a more visible profile?
  • Do you need help approaching a situation outside of your comfort zone, such as public speaking or delivering a high-level presentation to a broadcast audience?
  • Have you felt stuck in a certain situation, circumstance, or problem and need a fresh, objective perspective from someone who is unbound by ‘insider’ bias?
  • Have you been tasked with developing or improving a new team, process, or policy?
  • Are you feeling a lack of fulfillment or engagement, unsure why you can’t enjoy your success?

If any of these sound familiar, leadership strengths coaching is for YOU!

“People gladly follow a leader if they feel better about themselves when they are with that leader.”


Lead with Authenticity

Strengths coaching can help leaders develop a personalized, intuitive plan for success by leaning into your innate strengths and understanding how YOU use them to you and your organization’s best advantage. In your Discovery Session with Becky, you’ll discuss what you need, what to expect, and how Strengths coaching and Becky’s business experience and expertise will help you lead authentically and build a legacy of strength.

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