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YOU Are the Only Person Who is With You Your Entire Life...
if it’s not important enough to YOU to ask for it or go get it, who will make it a priority?

Welcome to Becky’s Blog, another tool in your toolbox for self-awareness, self-development, and working in your strengths.

Becky’s Strengths & Life Coaching Blog

Check this space often for Becky’s latest advice, insights, and announcements. There are always moments where we’ll need to take on new challenges, refresh our perspectives, and break through plateaus. The resources collected here are designed to help you sustain your success and keep you from slipping back into habits that don’t serve your happiness.

Creating Boundaries

Far, far away in a long-ago time, I made a wonderful discovery that I could say “No”. It was suddenly…

Conflict Resolution Essential Tips

“To practice the process of conflict resolution, we must completely abandon the goal of getting people to do what we…

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