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“Becky has been my coach over the past six years, and it was only this year that we had an opportunity to meet in person. We quickly established a virtual rapport, and she has been a mainstay of my life and work journey during the time we’ve worked together. She helped me discover my strengths and master tools to use for goal setting and conflict resolution. I’ve gained the confidence and skills to ask for what I want and need at work and in my personal relationships, and I’ve learned to value myself and the talents I bring to any situation. And now I’m confident enough to be mentoring others and passing along the skills and lessons I learned from Becky. She’s a great collaborator, encourager, and voice of reason, in all kinds of life and work situations.”

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“Working with Becky as my leader and mentor was one of the best growth times in my 30-year career. She believed in me and my talent and potential to advance and contribute more. She helped me learn about my strengths and provided objective guidance and support, while allowing me autonomy to grow. Working with her was a great experience in learning all aspects of the business and practicing key skills to be a more effective leader with my teams. I would jump at the opportunity to work with Becky again. It was exciting and rewarding being on the same team!”

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“After 15+ years working at the same company, I found myself unsure of how to share my skills or define the value I bring to the team. Becky’s knowledge and passion for CliftonStrengths and her insightful approach to life goals proved invaluable in helping me know myself better, understand how and why I work the way I do, and most importantly – re-build my self-confidence. She supported me in interview prep (total shift in my approach) and encouraged me in my job search. Working with Becky I came to trust myself, confidently promote my strengths, and ask for what I want. I share her name with anyone who needs clarity and a champion in their corner. She continues to be a trusted guide when I am at points of indecision or need objective counsel and supportive coaching.”

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