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“Becky is a tremendous asset with the unique ability to consolidate diverse ideas into synchronized and concise messages. Her coaching abilities allow her to help people separate the noise and emotion from key impact points and direct their message into actionable ideas. Becky is a gifted communicator across many different levels and types of professional and personal situations. Whether preparing a customer presentation, a sales meeting speech, or a work or personal one on one discussion, she adapts accordingly and helps others adjust effectively.”

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“I’ve known and worked with Becky for more than 10 years. We’ve maintained contact through different work and life challenges, and I value her as a trusted partner and coach who listens without judgment and shares fresh, targeted ideas and options to resolve both routine situations and sensitive conflicts. She focuses on core issues vs. superficial distractions or symptoms and her distinctive ability to paint story pictures helps me see how I can build and practice new skills for long-term development.”

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“I’ve had the privilege to know and work with Becky and leverage her ability to provide great perspective and advice on many areas of management performance and strategy. Her level of objectivity and sound judgment are outstanding. She’s a good listener and passionate about helping others. She knows how to navigate through the details while keeping a strategic and objective viewpoint. This allows her to effectively connect with people, gain trust, quickly grasp potential issues, identify ways to overcome those, and suggest actionable plans for improvement.”

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